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This is how works
After a wedding there are many many pictures – not only made by the photographer. can easily and quickly help you to collect und to sort all the pictures made by your friends and guests so that you can create a wedding album to remember your special day forever.

Create your wedding album

Create a wedding album for free with your personal wedding-ID.

Invite your guests

Share the wedding-ID with your guests via E-mail, text messages or social media.

Share your photos & memories

Now it is time for your guests to upload their pictures to your album.

Premium Account Features


Unlimited storage

You can upload as many pictures as you like. There is no limit in storage.


High Quality Downloads

Download the pictures in their original formatting without any scales or watermarks.


Individual album

You can choose a suitable color for your individual wedding album.


Share the wedding data

Everything at a glance: All the important data like wedding day and other important events are visible to all the members.


Organize your albums easily

Create subfolders and organize your pictures easily with Drag & Drop.


Comment & like

Comment and like your favorite pictures and start a conversation.


Share easily

Share your pictures on your timeline on Facebook or tweet special pictures from your wedding ceremony.


Edit the pictures directly

Start editing your pictures easily without using additional software.

How does work? expand_more
Wedding-Pics makes it possible to share all your pictures from your wedding with your friends and guests in a quick and easy way. It only takes a minute to create your personal wedding-ID that authorizes your guests to upload their pictures to your album. Make sure that your friends and guests know the code so they can complete the memories of this special day with their pictures. Only allows you to collect all the pictures at once.
Has my photo album been published? expand_more
Your photo album is only public if you use the share function. Otherwise only invited guests who know the wedding-ID can access your album.
Does the registration include costs? expand_more offers registration and use for free. A one-time payment of 29,99€ only emerges if you want to get a Premium Account to use additional features
Is it possible to use without creating a user account? expand_more
No, unfortunately it is not. Since we protect your and your friends’ privacy registration for you and your guests is stringently required.
How do I register at expand_more
It only takes a minute to sign up and to create a free album on Click the button „Your wedding album“ and use Facebook or your E-mail for registration.
How can I upload my pictures? expand_more
That's an easy one: First of all you have to log in. After that you have two possibilities. Either you click the button „Uploads“ and chose any pictures you like to share in your album or you upload your pictures with Drag & Drop. Of course you are able to upload your pictures directly from your smartphone or tablet.
How can I download the pictures from Wedding-Pics? expand_more
It is possible to download every single picture, a single folder or all of them in one zip file.
Is it possible to create more than one album? expand_more
Of course it is possible to create more than one album. Nevertheless please note that one album represents one event. Automatically there are subfolders in your album that help you to sort your pictures. If you want to create an album for more than one event you can create as many albums as you like.
Is it possible to exclude or block a user? expand_more
For sure. The owner of the album is able to block each and every user with the options „Block this person“ or „Delete this person“. On top of that you can delete pictures that you do not like.
How can I delete my account? expand_more
If you want to delete your account go to the settings of your album and choose the button „Delete album“. Please note that if you confirm your decision to delete the account all data will be deleted permanently. After that you are not able to recover your profile or any contacts, photos and messages.
Is there any limit for the size of my photos? expand_more
You can upload pictures with a maximum of 20MB.
Is it possible to upload videos? expand_more
Unfortunately, it is currently not possible. But we are working on this case.
Is it possible to share single pictures from my album directly on Facebook or other social media? expand_more
No, but it is possible to release your album or a single picture and share the link via E-mail or on facebook with your friends.
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